QUESTION: # 3.   How do you create your characters?

     My characters began in a likeness of the mythical creatures I loved as a child. They were a mixture of all the most memorable subjects, characters, and pieces that I grew up with. I loved the magical Pegasus horses of Disney’s FANTASIA, the talking beasts of NARNIA, and all the other movies I saw, or books I read. My imagination has always been very active, and one character led to the next as family and friends started asking if they could be a character.

When I started combining real people with my love for fantasy, magic started to happen. Personalities and actual facts merged, creating characters as unique as those who surrounded me. My own life was a constantly changing variety show, offering never ending subject matter, then adding all the ideas offered by others made my characters blossom into a world of real, relatable, loving characters. I am a people person, and have met people from all walks of life, with special abilities, handicaps, different cultures, skin colors, and unforgettable personalities.

I will never run out of characters or stories.

What an amazing serendipity life I have lived, and what a lucky person I am.

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