A Serendipity World of Everyday Magic

Donna J. Setterlund

Author  –  illustrator  –  creative imagineEr

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Donna J. Setterlund is Founder and CEO of Zontoria Productions, an Artist, Published Author, and Creative Imagineer. 

She is known to her followers as Jeannie.  Her unique ability of seeing with her eyes and heart enable her to visually illustrate concepts from initial thought to brilliant visualizations.  For decades she has mastered the skills of Creative Imagineering and Conceptual Imaging through her artistic writing and illustrations. 

Her body of work includes over 48 illustrated titles including the progressive series “Serendipity World of Zontoria”. Donna’s purpose is to uplift the souls of youth and adults of all ages through classic illustrated stories of life’s struggles and triumphs.  Many of these stories are Donna’s life experiences told through the character of Jeannie.

Donna’s passions include raising miniature horses and doves, and building an old west entertainment town on her ranch in California, where others come to dream and imagine the future or relax in nature.  Her husband Cliff, her four children and their families, and her dog Sheba, are the lights that shine the brightest in her life.  

Progressive series in production

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BOOK 1     Chapter-books 1 – 8

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BOOK 2     Chapter-book 9 – 16 

BOOK 3      Chapter-book 17 – 24

BOOK 4     Chapter-books 25 – 32



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An Example of Donna’s Illustration



Donna’s Books are different from Everything else.

When you pick up a book by Donna J. Setterlund and flip through the pages, the vivid colors will capture your interest immediately. The simple complexities of her personality and life are mirrored in her words and art as she creates from the heart touching the core of being alive. All of her books are illustrated offering the reader an opportunity to discover their own insights and inspiration. Donna was born with the creative gift of seeing ideas come together and develop into something complete and wonderful long before a pencil is even picked up or a computer is turned on. Her overactive imagination and desire to create pieces of beauty and value have stimulated a very colorful and exciting life to say the least. Her publishing adventures with writing, illustrating, formatting and completing her many projects have been an incredible experience with their ups and downs, intertwined with large portions of serendipity, fun and surprises.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thanks for listening.    Jeannie


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Main BOOKS  1. 2. 3. 4.

These are fully illustrated manuscripts, forming the continuing series of worlds/books of Zontoria. Each of these simple and singular worlds hosts an array of special characters, who interact with life’s questions and challenges in their unique ways and inspire in turn the next worlds/books – not as sequels but rather as the next logical steps/ series in the World of Zontoria. This is the journey of anyone learning to self-cope with the dynamic changes and complexities of their life’s personal pressures and choices.

Zontoria Sub-Stories

Progressive Endless Stories

Each world/book in the Zontoria Collection spawns a logical progression, and continual series of short stories – Sub-Story Books, dealing with the endless every-day issues of the lives explored in the Zontoria Books Manuscripts. In the Zontoria Books, characters and the reader explore various worlds. In the Sub-Story Books, they go back to tell the personal stories, where the reader, observes challenging personal issues, questions and perspectives explored with and by familiar and trusted characters.

Inspirational Expressions

Inspirational Quotes & Poetry

The Inspiration Expressions Collection includes topics from everyday life starting with Mothers and Veterans. Other subjects will feature Fathers, Sisters, Horses, Cats, Dogs, Babies, Firefighters, Old-Timers, and First-Responders. Subjects are colorfully illustrated in a nostalgic Norman Rockwell style, as rhythmic rhyme plays with thoughts and feelings.

other books

A Big Variety

Donna has several collections being created and completed at the same time. She says it helps her keep focused and gives her imagination many directions to expand. There are self-help books for kids, featuring the USA, and in dual languages for other countries. Coloring books are another favorite to work on because they are all artwork. Then Donna has her fully illustrated simple story books about little important things in life, all with a moral message.

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