Serendipity World of Zontoria – Understanding, BOOK 6


Serendipity World of Zontoria, Understanding, Book 6  PAPERBACK


BOOK 6 features a story about two young women who have experienced many of the same hardships and challenges. As they talk about their situations, a new understanding awakens, and a lifelong friendship is created.

The Serendipity World of Zontoria has been created as a series of progressive stories. Characters are based in a likeness of imperfect human beings with vast human emotions; feeling pride; jealousy and envy; love and passion; anger and frustration; physical and emotional imperfections; and the always present need to laugh and find true happiness.
Progressive stories have been around as long as gossip. We all know how a little story can grow when shared, and shared, and shared.

The World of Zontoria is where inspiration thrives, Zontoria brings light to the darkness, explores how good can conquer evil, and inspires the spirit to fill that void of nothingness. Having entered this world, you may discover before leaving, that you have been changed forever.

Enjoy and buy copies for the children in your life.

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