Serendipity World of Zontoria – Lost & Confused, BOOK 7


Serendipity World of Zontoria,  Lost and Confused, Book 7  PAPERBACK


 BOOK 7 takes us on an adventure into the unknown. Sometimes we must step out of our comfort zone to help others. This story leads us to a place that is confusing and often frightening. Finding strength in our experience and faith, helps to overcome challenging times.

Envision new endless material of the mind we can give to our children, our children’s children forever, and they will want it because it speaks to them, as them, offering useful information, real conversation that will help make smart decisions and give hope. It becomes part of the family because each character has been created in a likeness of individuals, we all know or have known, and experience circumstance we can relate to, yet all content is presented in an alternate universe fantasy mode that does not offend or point fingers at any specific group. It is a world full of adventure offering empathy, insight and everyday experience that everyone shares and wants to explore. It can potentially encompass virtually any delivery media and mechanism by first and foremost delivering an endless flow of integrated stories that make sense to a universal audience from 8 to 108, and becomes that traditionally priceless and a timeless passage.
So come along, if you dare, into the Serendipity World of Zontoria. Believe and all things are possible.

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