Serendipity World of Zontoria, Life Is the Dream Book 8, Kindle Version


Serendipity World Of Zontoria,  Life Is The Dream, Book 8, Kindle Format

BOOK 8 brings the adventures in Zontoria’s Northland to a conclusion. As we end this first series of eight chapter-books, we are left to wonder what comes next in the lives of our characters. Come back again as more stories take place in faraway places of this magical land.

Envision new endless material of the mind we can give to our children, our children’s children forever. This series is fiction colliding with reality for children and adults. Serendipity is one of the most beautiful words in the English language; defined as the occurrence of making pleasant and desirable discoveries by pure accident. In simple words, it means finding something truly wonderful without looking for it.


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