QUESTION: # 1. Why did you create such a large series of books? Why didn’t you just start with one book and get it on the market first?
by Betty B.

 ANSWER:        Thank you for asking. This has been the most asked question my entire life.

The answer to this question must be answered with another question. Why did you ask two questions instead of just one? Basically you needed a second question to get the information you wanted. It was the same for me. I needed another story / book for each character to say what needed to be said.

When I started my career I was an artist first. I started writing because people kept asking me what the story behind each character was. My mind was filled with images and possibilities, and there were so many choices that needed to be made. I sat down with paper and pencil and started writing short notes about what I liked about each character. English wasn’t my best subject in school and I always had a problem with explaining all the images that were flashing through my head. I was advised by a local writer’s group to write about what I knew best, and that was me and my life. Needless to say, my characters and stories became an extension of my own life, and everyone around me.

So, my answer is: Every character needed a story which became a book, and all my characters live in a world where they interacted with other characters, which became a never-ending progressive series.


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