[By William D. Kuenning – Founder – Military Family Voices®]

Donna approached me to see if her extensive body of work, “Zontoria™”, could in some way benefit our charity, Military Family Voices®. We were touched by the gesture, and even though I have been aware of her work and projects for years, I was intrigued by the depth, unique value, completion and extent of her Zontoria project.

Our charity, Military Family Voices®, MFV (, ( Family Voices), records, in studio audio quality, to preserve the voices of our current and former United States Armed Forces and their Families; so, they might use those recordings of their Loved Ones to mitigate and to preempt the extreme personal and familial stresses caused by the effects of the brutal separations and relentless harms’ way of their Military lives.

Because we do this sensitive, humanistic and enduring work in honor of those who protect our ways of life, we are very careful about which groups and products that might seek to sponsor MFV recordings. Our sponsors should represent family values that reinforce personal bonds, integrity and empathy, and they should not be corporations or individuals whose products, images and/or actions put additional stresses upon our society or the world.

Zontoria is a collection of completed and developing integrated works that together exemplify reinforcing personal and familial: bonds, coping and individual respect – all of which our charity stands for and has built over the years. In fact and ironically so, Zontoria was conceived and developed out of the Author’s deep need and drive to find a way to reduce her own intense stresses and to work through many of the universal and personal dilemmas she faced, and still faces, along her entire life path.

I find the works of Zontoria, uniquely human, simple and charming to absorb, and amazingly relevant to life’s maze. These extensive works are certainly potentially helpful to any child or adult who struggles with life’s questions and with their inescapable journey of trying to figure the answers out to anything they face.

With Zontoria, very much like with Military Family Voices’ recordings, the child or adult who participates does so with fun, curiosity and ease, never realizing just how helpful these exciting experiences are, and will continue to be, throughout their entire lives.

I believe that the integrated works/world of Zontoria is unique and groundbreaking in its potential and lasting effect on individuals’ lives. Because it grew honestly out of the struggling needs of the Author to craft a way to deal with her own life’s struggles -instead of simply escaping from their pressures, Zontoria should rightfully end up as that all too rare set of simple literary treasures that gets passed down through generations.

Therefore, Military Family Voices® would be proud to be associated with this body of work and its creative, insightful, and compassionate Author, who is clearly driven to help others with her work –just as developing her stories helped her in her past, and continues to help her now, cope in life.


Spirit of the Crystal

Fully Illustrated


Spirit of the Crystal 

Condensed Illustrations


Spirit of the Crystal 

 TEXT Only


Copyright 2019 – Donna J. Setterlund

  Zontoria Productions, Cottonwood, CA 96022

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