QUESTION: # 4.   You co-authored a book with International best-selling author, Tom Dutta. Can you tell us about it.
Linda E.


ANSWER: Yes, I would love to, however I believe it is best described by Tom in his Foreword for the introduction book; Serendipity World of Zontoria, “Talking About the Books.”
FOREWORD:  By Tom Dutta

Life is full of surprises when we come together on the same journey. For some, their paths are destined to cross. In my thesis for a PhD by published works in Neuroscience, I named this “A Golden Thread”.  Donna and I had the good fortune to have our Golden Threads meet at just the right time. We started sharing our stories, ideas, and strengths with each other, discovering a teaching and learning process beneficial for all.  Over the next couple of years a successful partnership was created.

For much of my adult life I had ideas overflowing my overactive brain and needed a way to make them real, to actually see and visualize their concept, to help make sense out of them all. Donna is a visual communications specialist and has the creative ability to make imagination come to life. I started writing everything from my mind’s eye, as jumbled words and ideas appeared in my notebook, and began to share them with Donna. She is gifted with 3-D Dyslexia which enables her to visualize words as pictures. It seemed our imaginations had the same frequencies, and one little spark of energy would explode into a multitude of possibilities. I kept thinking, she kept illustrating, and together our creative expressions flowed like a meandering stream forging new pathways.

As Donna and I continued to work together sharing ideas, a concept for helping make the world better began taking shape. I had my original book “The Way of the Quiet Warrior®” which was used as a blueprint for my education company KRE-AT®.  I had developed the company, 90 Days to the Life you Desire, over many years but after a serious MBTI brain injury resulting from a fall on my head in a bathtub, it was creativity that kept me alive through years of brain, body therapies.

Developing new projects and products related to my book and the Quiet Warrior Show Podcast, I needed a blast of fresh air and another perspective to kick a new concept in gear. Donna saw a need for visual stimulation to help me see what I was trying to organize in my thought process. Visual images are another tool for helping the brain to understand content, no matter how simple or complex it may be. Pictures speak a thousand words, and give the reader another method for enjoying a story or understanding a literary textbook. The concept of illustrated books is needed, however most books do not have many illustrations because they are expensive to produce and publish.

By combining the Way of the Quiet Warrior® book and KRE-AT® concept, with Donna’s visually stunning Serendipity World of Zontoria Series, we created a new method for opening minds by sharing complex subject matter in an uncomplicated way with people of all ages rethinking the limits of possibilities as fiction collides with reality.

All my life no one taught me why my broken brain saw the world in a way that others didn’t.  The wolves in my head would predict things based on my early childhood experiences that were not even reality in the present.  I understood for the first time in my life that my childhood trauma was not my fault and why my brain had difficulty adapting to stressors in my youth and adulthood when I became a CEO in my career.  No one told me that the letters C.E.O for me would mean Crack Emotionally Often.

As co-authors Donna and I have created a beautifully illustrated book that is unique in the field of published works.  The storytelling narrative combined with the imaginative colored images will take you on a brain stimulating emotional journey. This first book together, “The Quiet Warrior Teaches Jeannie” is different and the reader will remember the book for a long time because of how it makes them feel, not just the words but visually. In Donna’s progressive series “The Serendipity World of Zontoria”, we collaborate to develop simple methods of understanding, to help the story offer little brain hacks and life improving information. It is a unique way of talking about being human and simply getting through life.

I believe the Serendipity World of Zontoria will redefine how we educate, connect and give hope to people around the world.

~ Tom A. Dutta, PhD, Cand –  aka The Quiet Warrior
Founder, CEO KRE-AT®, #1 International Best Selling Author,
TEDx Speaker, Radio Film Producer.

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