QUESTION: # 5. What were your favorite movies, the ones that inspired you to create the Serendipity Zontoria Series?
~ Bryan K.

ANSWER:  I was inspired by the best ideas from the most popular fantasy adventure movies of today and the last 50 years. My series, “Serendipity World of Zontoria” is a mixture of all the most memorable subjects, characters, and pieces of life that I grew up with.

Having the gift of 3-D Dyslexia I have a very active imagination, and when I see a beautiful movie that has been produced with integrity, has a family friendly storyline, and is top quality, ideas start flowing through my head like waves in the ocean. Some of these movies include, AVATAR, Harry Potter, Disney’s FANTASIA, and most of Disney’s Animated Films.

One of my favorite series is The Chronicles of Narnia which is considered a classic of children’s literature. The series is set in the fictional realm of  Narnia, a fantasy world of magic, mythical beasts and talking animals.

The NARNIA series inspired me to use talking animals, however I based my characters on different mythical creatures with personalities of real people, real situations and stories from my life.

My fantasy world of Zontoria has four lands.
Series #1 the NORTHLAND, is all fantasy mythical characters,
#2 the EASTLAND, is a land of technology and time travel,
#3 the WESTLAND, is the mountains, old west, and ecology,
#4 the SOUTHLAND, is the big city, real world people, and making dreams come true.


…. takes place in a fantasy world of magic, mythical beasts and talking animals, just like NARNIA, yet completely different from NARNIA.
…. has wizardry, and mysterious epic adventures in the same genre as HARRY POTTER, yet completely different from HARRY POTTER.
…. adapts breathtaking backgrounds as profound as the amazingly beautiful as AVATAR, yet completely different from AVATAR.
…. explores creativity and inspirational imagination visualized in Disney’s FANTASIA, yet completely different from FANTASIA.
…. is as addictive and heartwarming as FROZEN, yet completely different from FROZEN.
…. has storylines that promote self-discovery, encourage inner-strength, empower, and have a strong moral message.
…. features characters that are relatable, have handicaps, problems, and personalities like real people.
…. offers never seen creatures, mythical beasts, and magical talking animals similar to Narnia.
…. tickles adversity, plays with possibilities, makes magic logical, and encourages an adventurous spirit.
…. mixes excitement and surprises, but bends the rules a bit to make it more suitable for any age group.
…. features a large portion of common sense, practical logic, high principles and respect of human values.
…. has dialogue and conversation promote motivational strategies like those used by leading Life Coaches.
…. has a healing and soothing quality not so readily obvious on the surface.

Just like all the wonderful movies that inspired this series, parents will love it, and kids will come back to it many times. It is a Proven Concept whose time has come. Being alive offers a multitude of experiences that fill our memories, and are available to check out just like a book.

A Serendipity book is a world of magical experiences.

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