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About Setterlund Ranch  & SETTER TOWN

“Our dream will benefit many and it is worth the effort. When you spend a life learning and creating dreams, everything becomes more important when you find a way to bring all your goals together while helping a lot of people at the same time. This final chapter gives value to the legacy of living a good life.” 

The ranch sits in the foothills at the northern end of the Sacramento Valley, California, and is one of the oldest ranches in Tehama County. The first owners came to the area from San Francisco in the mid-1800s, acquiring several hundred acres of oak studded ranchland. Over the years most of the property was sold, a new main house built, and the founding family enjoyed this country ranch for more than a century and a half.

My husband Cliff and I purchased the ranch and are the second family to reside on the property. It is now known as the Setterlund Ranch. Cliff is a disabled Veteran, and a place was needed to get him away from the stress, endless noise, and the hustle and bustle of city life. A ranch was the perfect place to relax, restore the soul, and enjoy the sounds of Mother Nature and the tranquility of the country.


In 2019 we have been married 32 years and have worked with families, youth organizations, and community groups all our lives. It is only natural for us to create a project that will benefit many people.

One Project at a Time.

Cliff and I bought our ranch in 2013 to retire and start building our lifelong dream. So far we have built and paid for everything out of our small income doing 95% of the work ourselves. As my husband became more disabled I had to do more of the work myself. One of our grandsons had helped whenever possible, until he joined the Army. As a grandmother with a very active imagination and hundreds of creative ideas, I needed help with some of the more physical labor so we hired a young neighbor to take over the harder construction. We really made great progress in 2018 building the Barber Shop & Bunk House. We plan to keep adding new buildings and entertainment areas every spring.

Ye’ Old Bunk House ~ Barber Shop ~ Studio

The Bunk House Barber Shop project came together better than expected and the little Shack Out Back Studio was added. It is wonderful to have a creative mind with an imagination that never shops thinking up ideas. The hard part is having the help and financial means to make it all happen. It is my hope and dream that my books will start earning an income to help support Setter Town and Zontoria productions.

The Future Project section behind my Studio will be perfect for storing and packaging books for shipping. There will be a guest room above so a helper can stay the night on the ranch. The dream is real and growing!

WHAT WE HAVE in 2019.

There are several sections of the ranch and we have been adding to each. This picture is of the back horse barn, the Hen House next to the garden area and a corner of the Mini Horse Livery. It also shows the little red Horse Barn, Feed Bunk, 50′ round pen, and the area where we are building Setter Town. The burn barrel sits where our Fire Pit BBQ Area will be constructed this summer. And behind that will be a covered entertainment patio with Cook Area.  The middle will be graveled for our Main Street and we will have board walks with old fashioned solar street lights.   

If you can’t visualize how it will all look finished, just stick around and watch as new artwork is drawn for representation, and final projects are completed for real life pictures.

Sasparilla Saloon ~ Hotel ~ Deck

This double building is a project that will tie all the entertainment projects together.

We have a lot going on with the next projects and are taking small steps at a time to make sure everything comes together to create the best facility possible.

As we move along we see other projects that need to be included in our development plans like cabins, and little nooks and crannies that will be fun to stay the night or even a week. 

Everyone who comes to our ranch finds a place the excites them and they come up with new ideas. It is so much fun to see people smile and enjoy special moments with all our rescued animals. 


We current projects include the Bonfire Pit, BBQ area, and a covered patio for cooking, tables, and group gatherings. Across Main Street will be the Covered Porch on the front of the Sasparilla Saloon which will be built later on. 

Our Music Room will have many instruments and an old player piano which will and fun, atmosphere and interaction.



We want to build treehouses, cabins, bunk rooms, sheds, and unique little buildings for people to explore and stay the night in. What fun it is to use your own hands and mind to create something that can be enjoyed and used by others. 

Donna is the designer with her background as a architectural draftsperson and carpenter. With the help of others, the ranch will continue to grow and become a place for many to enjoy and share. 



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